Sports Vue Interactive, in conjunction with Choice Sports Cards has issued a 40 card set, featuring the 2004 United States Women's National Team. The set commemorates the team's Olympic Gold Medal in Athens, as well as the "91ers".

The set was released November 1, 2004 and features a total of 40 cards--16 player action cards, 16 player profile cards, a checklist, a card featuring coach April Heinrichs, and a six card set commemorating the five 91ers, Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, Kristine Lilly, Joy Fawcett and Julie Foudy.

The reverse of the action cards features career highlights and statistics for each of the players, while the reverse of the portrait cards includes 2004 Olympic highlights and statistics, as well as in some cases, a quote about the 2004 Olympics.

The card set is only the second time the U.S. women have been featured on trading cards, but this is by far the largest set of women's soccer cards ever produced. The card features the first ever card of Abby Wambach, and what will in all likelihood be the last regular card issue featuring Mia Hamm.

1 Shannon Boxx 21. Mia Hamm
2. Brandi Chastain 22. Angela Hucles
3. Joy Fawcett 23. Kristine Lilly
4. Julie Foudy 24. Kristin Luckenbill
5. Mia Hamm 25. Kate Markgraf
6. Angela Hucles 26. Heather Mitts
7. Kristine Lilly 27. Cindy Parlow
8. Kristin Luckenbill 28. Christie Rampone
9. Kate Markgraf 29. Cat Reddick
10. Heather Mitts 30. Briana Scurry
11. Cindy Parlow 31. Aly Wagner
12. Christie Rampone 32. Abby Wambach
13. Cat Reddick 33. April Heinrichs
14. Briana Scurry S1. 91er Mia Hamm
15. Aly Wagner S2. 91er Kristine Lilly
16. Abby Wambach S3. 91er Julie Foudy
17. Shannon Boxx S4. 91er Joy Fawcett
18. Brandi Chastain S5. 91er Brandi Chastain
19. Joy Fawcett S6. 91er Group
20. Julie Foudy Checklist Card