The third MLS set produced by Upper Deck, and the second it has released under its brand (the 1996 set was distributed by Bandai) MLS 2000 is actually a hodgepodge of cards consisting of the base MLS set, several members of the U.S. Women's National Team, and a few sub sets which the company promotes as being "ten of international soccer's best players from the world's best leagues." 

This subset includes five MLS internationals and five from the Premier
League. Eight of the 10 double as International Stars in another subset. This is actually a less than stellar collection given what it is billed on on the box--a box which does not mention the Women's Team players despite - or perhaps because of - the fact that their name recognition and popularity far outstrips that of most MLS players.

Nothing against Dwight Yorke, Fan Zyiyi and even Alan Shearer, but does anyone really buy that they represent the best players in a world that also includes the likes of Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Batistuta, etc. 

MLS 2000 has almost as many cards in subsets as in the regular set. The 21 soccer spotlight cards are packaged 1:1; are 1:18; Autographed cards are 1:35 and game jersey cards feature world stars, but Upper Deck does not provide a ratio for them.

Number in Set: 110, plus 21 Soccer Spotlight; 11 All-MLS Team; 10 World All-Stars; 23 Sign of the Times and 10 Game Jersey and two signed game jersey.
Size: 2 x 3
Paper: Glossy card stock
Front: Action photo, foil Upper Deck logo and MLS lettering, player's name, team, position and jersey number, team logo.
Back: Player stats, short bio and vital info. Team name, logo, position, and uniform number in the same style as on front.